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The Apprentice Entrepreneur

Practical Guide to starting and running a business

Nigeria’s unemployment crisis is both a challenge and an opportunity. A report by Nigeria Bureau of Statistics says that Nigeria has over 20 million unemployed people. The problem is exacerbated by the fact that Nigeria is set to be the home to the world’s largest base of young job-seekers.

Entrepreneurship is crucial to addressing Nigeria’s unemployment concerns and every Nigerian youth can move from demanding jobs to creating businesses.

 The Apprentice Entrepreneurs is about know-how.

If you are like most people, you may have probably read a lot of books, attended a lot of seminars but a common characteristic of the contents tells you what to do.

‘The Apprentice Entrepreneur’ is the book for every unemployed youth in Nigeria because it gives the reader practical guide to starting and running a business effectively and efficiently.

Escape The Jobless Future!

Disrupting Unemployment and Poverty 

In today’s global economy millions of people are losing their jobs due to sharp increases in technology.  It is now indisputable that mankind is on the verge of an era of change similar to the Industrial Revolution. This is happening now. The technologies are removing jobs, they are eliminating them.

Economic hardships, bankruptcies, and lack of jobs have devastated people’s lives and turned their worlds upside down. We are in a state of crisis. But despite this grim prediction of a "jobless future," I'm optimistic that we can escape the ‘jobless future’.

In the Chinese language, crisis means danger, but it also means opportunity.

Escape the Jobless Future delivers a body of work that illuminates the opportunities in the midst of crisis. Inspired by my personal tragedy of losing my father and driven by an insatiable desire to control my own destiny, offers this book that is indispensable at this time and season.


Knowledge, Skills, Opportunities, Entrepreneurship, Wealth and Faith. 

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